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Lightroom Tutorial For Photographers Free Download

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Lightroom For Photographers By Karl Taylor

Lightroom 4 For Photographers

Everything you should know about using Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photographs.

Why edit your photos in Lightroom?
Lightroom has quickly come to be the go-to software program for digital photographers to modify their pictures and also get the best out of their RAW photo data. Whether you are a total newbie or a photography fanatic, photo editing skills are extremely important – specifically if you prefer to publish your job. There are different kinds of image editing software program on the marketplace yet they all run in similar means. Lightroom is the photographers’ preferred and in this tutorial I educate you the abilities you require when editing as well as improving your digital photography.

Discover the tools. Produce the photos.
With a lot of the brand-new features Lightroom can accomplish pretty much every one of the demands of also one of the most critical picture editor. Are you curious about obtaining the best from this software application? With everything from colour adjustment, duplicate tools or adding graduated skies, this truly is an effective piece of set in your digital photography tool kit!

Learn online at your personal rate.
Now you could learn how you can obtain the very best from Lightroom with my interesting 3 component on-line video clip tutorial. In this one-hour long digital photographers’ guide, I take you through a few of my leading ideas for obtaining the very best from your photos.


Lightroom Tutorial – Part 1

An introduction and overview of the Lightroom interface and control panels, including colour temperature, exposure level, recovery, shadow fill, vibrancy, saturation, colour channels, lens corrections and much, much more.

Lightroom Tutorial – Part 2

I run through processing a RAW file to demonstrate how you can get the very best reproduction from your images. I demonstrate the further capabilities of Lightroom software using star ratings and compare image functions or comparing the image you have worked on against the previous version. I explain the negative aspects of shooting jpegs compared to shooting RAW files and processes a RAW file from start to finish explaining the considerations you should make to maximise the quality of your final image. I also looks at specific brush retouching for burning, dodging and localised saturation.

Lightroom Tutorial – Part 3

In this final video I overview some of the export functions for Lightroom including creating web galleries, slide shows, print books and sizing and exporting images for publication or exhibition printing.

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Lightroom Tutorial For Photographers Introduction: – Unlimited Free Download-All Themes, All Templates,All Plugins/Mould,All scripts, All Photoshop file –  


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