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Creating Templates in Illustrator (Free Download)

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Creating Templates in Illustrator


In this Illustrator tutorial we’ll show some of Illustrator’s devices and also attributes that can be made use of to create your own design templates. Producing a layout offers a lot of freedom when it involves customization and also collaboration with others in your company.

Any person who opens up a layout could make updates and also changes without unintentionally conserving over the design template itself. For our initial instance, we’ll develop a business card where we’ll start by knowning our art-board’s measurements and also talking about the relevance of having a hemorrhage. From here we’ll learn the best ways to apply plant marks for printing as well as a safe location for our text and logo.

Additionally, we’ll see exactly how we can save our business card as a template. For our 2nd example, we’ll produce a design template for a postcard that has some particular regulations in regards to the positioning of text. Along the way we’ll see exactly how we can utilize the positioning and also change alternatives to assist us format our templates with precision.

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Ultimately, we’ll complete this Illustrator training by talking about some settings to consider when exporting your layout as a PDF. After enjoying this tutorial you’ll be able to start developing your layouts.

  1. Introduction and project overview – 01:15
  2. Setting up our business card document – 05:14
  3. How to set up crop marks and safe areas – 09:33
  4. Designing and saving our business card template – 10:21
  5. Creating a postcard template – 10:55
  6. Exporting a template as a PDF – 08:47

Total Lessons : 46m 5s
Project Files Included – Unlimited Free Download-All Themes, All Templates,All Plugins/Mould,All scripts, All Photoshop file –

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