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PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – A To Z Guide to Photography Full HD Video Tutorial (Free Download)

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PHOTOGRAPHY 101 A-Z Guide to Photography Screen(

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – A To Z Guide to Photography Full HD Video Tutorial

– Over 7 hours of Education
– Instruction by Lin and Jirsa Photography
– Learn to Create Professional Images with Basic Gear
• Chapter 1: Basic Photography Concepts- The Workshop Format
– The Camera is Simply a Tool
– How Does a Camera Work
– How to Adjust Shutter Speed, Aperature and ISO
– Exposure Triangle
– What is a Stop of Light
– Reading Exposure via the Histogram
– Blown Highlights or Clipped Details
– 6 Tips to Understanding White Balance and Color Temperature• Chapter 2: Understanding Exposures- No Such Thing as the Correct Exposure
– How to Measure or Meter Light
– 8 Key Points to Understanding ISO and Image Quality
– Understanding the 3 Primary Metering Modes
– How to Get Perfect Exposures in One Shot
– Equivalent Exposures but Different Images
– Compensating for Light and Dark Scenes• Chapter 3: From Auto Modes to Manual- Starting with Automated Modes
– Auto Mode and Flash-Off Mode
– Portrait Mode on a Fashion Shoot
– Landscape Mode on the Beach
– Sports or Action Mode
– Macro Mode with Food Photography
– Creative Effects Mode – Floral Photography
– In-Camera Processing
– A Glimpse into Raw Processing• Chapter 4: Sharp Images and Focusing Techniques- 15 Tips When You’re Having Trouble Focusing
– 3 Primary Types of Autofocus
– Single Shot in Practice with Portrait Session
– Single Shot Focusing with Action Shots
– AI Servo with Action Shots
– Focus Recomposing vs AF Point Selection
– Shutter Speed and the Reciprocal Rule
– 6 Ways to Hold a Camera and Panning• Chapter 5: Composition Aristry and Creating Great Images

Advanced Hearing Center

– What Makes a Great Photograph
– How to Capture Candid Moments
– How to Find the Right Light Direction
– 5 Basic Compositional Theories
– The Power of Cropping
– Color Schemes
– Diving into the Narrative
– If It’s Not Working With, It’s Probably Working Against

• Chapter 6: Learning More About Your Camera

– More About Your Camera and Lenses
– Understanding Megapixels
– Crop vs Full Frame Cameras
– Crop vs Full Frame Cameras Demonstration
– Prime vs Zoom Lens
– How the Lens Affects Composition
– Dynamic Range and RAW vs JPEG
– 5 Tips on Memory Cards
– 10 Tips on Buying Gear
– Conclusion
– The Good Karma Jar

• Chapter 7: Bonus

– Posing and Action Shots with Female Model
– Posing and Lighting with Female Model
– Posing and Lighting Couples Portraits – Use our free proxy to surf anonymously online, unblock any website, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your identity.

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