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Windows 10 Troubleshooting Video Tutorial + Exercise Files Free Download

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Windows 10 Troubleshooting Video Tutorial + Exercise Files


Discover the best ways to address as well as repair any kind of kind of problem with Windows 10 Computers.
Windows 10 is a hugely difficult os and the sheer quantity of mixes of equipment, apps, and also user experience could make identifying as well as repairing even the simplest problems challenging. In this program, you’ll learn how you can use the troubleshooting and diagnostic tools in Windows 10, how you can sustain individuals from another location, how to repair typical problems to obtain users functioning once again quickly, as well as how you can begin diagnosing the most difficult situations.

Topics include:

– Preventing Disaster
– Remotely Troubleshooting Windows 10
– Diagnosing the Status of a Windows 10 PC
– Finding Frozen Processes in Task Manager
– Securing and Managing User Accounts
– Maintaining Optimal Security on a PC
– Undoing System Changes with System Restore
– Undoing System Changes for a Non-bootable PC
– Uninstalling Faulty Components in Diagnostic Mode
– Repairing Software Compatibility Problems
– Managing File, Folder, and Drive Sharing and Access Problems
– Resetting Windows Components with the Automated Troubleshooters
– Using the Event Viewer to Obtain Information About Errors
– Cleaning and Maintaining a Windows 10 PC
– Configuring and Managing Networking Problems
– Securing Files by Managing Partitions and Disks
– Using the Registry to Change the Behavior of Windows and Apps
– Repairing Startup on a Non-booting PC
– Troubleshooting Windows Drivers and Services
– Troubleshooting Complex and Hardware Issues

Course info:
Level: Beginner , Rating:  (46), Duration: 6h 1m , Released: 2 Oct 2015

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