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Brainy Baby Series For Kids Educational Tutorial Free Download

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Brainy Baby Series For Kids Educational Tutorial


In a promotion to get parents to try the Brainy Baby line of DVDs for children from 9 months to 5 years. The DVDs created by a team of early childhood educators introduce concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors to preschoolers. The free DVDs include “ABCs” “Music” “Laugh & Learn” and “Shapes & Colors” and each is 45 minutes long. So if anyone is interested in these titles, this isn’t a bad deal. Limit of one DVD.

To promote and strengthen good children, including the concepts of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. You can use this collection. This instructional videos for all children 9 months to 5 years by a professional team of experienced coaches is designed and built. With this collection no longer need to take children to daycare and preschool because this series step by step and complete with music, laughter and learning, shapes and colors has been formed. By learning to recognize letters of the alphabet it’s complete domination of large and small find the words and the clear and accurate, and can use this collection as a hobby.

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Video Tutorial Brainy Baby Series For Kids helps children to fun and music all the numbers using objects from 1 to 20 written and read. This collection is the first video series helps children to stimulate their cognitive development because you’re seeing in this collection with movies and music education through various animals, all the numbers and letters of the alphabet, numerous pictures and drawings, crafts, strengthening the left and right brain, etc. are recognizing colors. The film’s producers believe that curiosity is very high due to the above can be easily and quickly as possible to escape their English language learning. Hope you enjoy Brainy Baby Series For Kids collection of educational videos.

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brainy_baby_123s_book_a_500_2_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_123s_dvd_s_500_4_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_abcs_book_a_500_2_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_abcs_dvd_s_500_2_1_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_animals_book_a_500_1_1_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_animals_dvd_s_500_2_1_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_art_dvd_s_500_2_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_classical_music_cd_a_500_4_1_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_music_dvd_s_500_2_1_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_shapes_colors_book_a_500_2_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_shapes_colors_dvd_s_500_2_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_sing-along_music_cd_a_500_1_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_spanish_dvd_s_500_2_2_allinonetutorial-com brainy_baby_talkinghands_dvd_s_500_1_2_allinonetutorial-com

– Genre: Education
– Manufacturer: Brainy Baby
– Lecturer: team of professional teachers for children
– Training project: none
– English language
– Quality display: 720 × 480
– File Format: Avi 

Brainy Baby Series For Kids Educational Tutorial Introduction : – Free Unlimited Online Storage – 

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Please use this only for educational and testing purposes. For commercial uses, please buy it from it’s official website.
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