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Learn iOS 9 and Swift 2 From Scratch – Build Real World Apps (udemy) Free Download

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Learn iOS 9 and Swift 2 From Scratch – Build Real World Apps

Learn iOS 9 and Swift 2 From Scratch TM (

Discover How to Build iOS 9 and Swift 2 Applications From a Real World Perspective. Build a High Paid Career


You will embark on the wonderful adventure of creating applications and games with iOS 9 and Swift 2.

You will learn to create real life applications that have real power! I collaborate with a few of the top firms and leading individuals on the planet, just look into my profile to obtain an idea as to the caliber of individuals I deal with.

You will certainly uncover ways to install Xcode and afterwards obtain setup to collaborate with Swift 2 and also iOS 9. You will be introduced to Playgrounds, where you will certainly begin learning ways to create your primary code!

Discover the world of constants, variables and other information type of people. You will certainly be dealing with optionals. Learn the best ways to make use of dictionaries and also ranges successfully. You will certainly also learn the best ways to build a variety of launch displays.

In addition, you will be developing a number of real life applications These applications could be made use of for little and even industries. The capacity is impressive to generate hundreds of dollars on your own as well as for your possible customers.

Get started today as well as start creating your first Swift 2 and also iOS 9 applications.

What are the requirements?

  • Notebook or Journal to Take Lots of Notes

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Know How to Download and Install Xcode
  • Understand Playgrounds
  • Learn About Constants, Variables and Other Data Types
  • Work With Operators
  • Learn About Optionals
  • Practice Using Arrays
  • Build Launch Screens
  • Work With Dictionaries
  • Build Advanced If / Else Statements
  • Learn How To Build Real World Applications

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone Wanting To Learn How To Create iOS Applications and Games
  • Anyone Wanting To Learn The Basics of Creating From Scratch


Section 1: Introduction and Welcome
Section 2: Lets Install Xcode
Lets Download Xcode
Installing Xcode
Section 3: Swift Basics
Constants, Variables and Other Data Types
Operators – Introducing Ternary Operators
Working With Optionals
Working with Arrays
Working with Launch Screens
If / Else Statements Part 1
If / Else Statements Part 2 – Including AND / OR Operators
Section 4: Space Application
Space Adventure Demo
Adding Background
Adding Titles and Buttons
Autolayout for Background, Label and Button
Add Play Screen and Labels
Creating Reference Outlets and Basic Functionality
Adding Random Number Functionality

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