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SEO Fundamentals Course (Lynda)(Free Download)

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Lynda-SEO-Fundamentals(All In One Tutorial )

SEO Fundamentals Course (Lynda)

Learn search engine optimization techniques to increase your website’s visibility on search engines like Google and Bing and attract the right kind of traffic to the right pages on your site.

Learn how to read a search engine results page and find your ranking, and see how rankings affect businesses large and small. Then discover how to implement foundational optimization strategies and techniques, including how to conduct keyword research, build inbound links, optimize your pages and content, measure your successes and progress, and plan for a long-term SEO strategy. You’ll also learn specific SEO tips for ecommerce, local
search, and mobile audiences to expand your reach.

Topics include:
* What is SEO?
* Understanding how search engines index content
* Researching keywords
* Using SEO tools
* Optimizing pages for keywords
* Optimizing code and site structure
* Building links to your content
* Optimizing nontext components of a webpage
* Analyzing content quality
* Defining your audience, topics, angle, and style
* Promoting your content via social media
* Measuring SEO effectiveness
* Setting up Google+ Local
* Optimizing ecommerce sites for search
* Configuring sites for mobile

Lynda-SEO-Fundamentals(All In One Tutorial )

Author……….: David Booth
Subject………: SEO, Marketing, Enterprise Marketing, Small Business Marketing,
Software……..: Analytics
Level………..: Beginner
Duration……..: 3h 27m
Released……..: Dec 15, 2014
FORMAT……….: Bookware
LANGUAGE……..: English

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